Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Yesterday, Jack's other family sent birthday greetings for him.  We don't really know when his birthday is, but that was the day that they adopted him eight years ago.  He is now somewhere between 13 and 16 years young.  They still love him and he will always be part of their family, too.

Back in November, we celebrated our one year anniversary with Jack (Jack-iversary?).  In fact, we ended up taking him on almost the exact same hike as we did one year earlier.  Back then, he had only been in Colorado for a few hours after a late-night drive from Oklahoma.  He didn't know what hiking was.  Now, he is a pro.  He and his sister, Sky, inspect my clothes and shoes as I get dressed each morning to see if it is going to be a hiking day.  If they decide that it is, then we had better not try to sneak out of the house without them.  With a hiking buddy this adorable, why would we?

Jack's first day:

One year later:
I think we'll keep him.

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