Thursday, December 10, 2015


Welcome to The Old Dogs blog!  We (the old dog guardians) are a couple of non-conforming, permanently immature, fur-loving, kids-at-heart-but-not-a-fan-of-kids, Colorado-living sweetpeas.  Our home is currently (as of this hour) shared with four dogs (1 middle-aged, 2 seniors, and 1 ancient), 2 cats, and a tremendously dumb house sparrow.  It is required to have a healthy sense of humor to enjoy the stories that we are about to share.  Also, there might be profanity, so you've been warned.  There is the inevitable sadness when you share your life with an old dog - but fuck that (we warned you), this blog aims to entertain.  Put on your thick skin and enjoy the endearing qualities of old dogs.


  1. Love the attitude! Thanks for sharing with me.

  2. Glad you enjoy the attitude! Not everyone does ;) We're always looking for guest bloggers sharing their own old dog tales!

  3. You know I love the attitude! Did I fart?

    1. You probably did fart. I'll still sit next to you.

  4. Do you want me to guest blog about the time I killed Belle?