Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Art of Play

Happy is recreationally challenged.  She doesn't like it when the other animals play, especially if it involves growling or wrestling.  When we blended our animal furmilies a couple of years ago, she all of a sudden had a dog-sibling that loved to play.  While that drove her crazy, it also sparked her interest in playing.  We started to hear her bouncing around the living room after we went to bed.  She has an affinity for tiny toys.  Her favorite was a rubber duck that was not much bigger than a pencil eraser.  She would toss the duck in the air and try to clumsily catch it.  "Try" being the key word.  It's amazing that she didn't swallow the damn thing!  What she lacks in finesse, she more than makes up for in enthusiasm.  Her current favorite toy is a dirty sock.  If we miss the hamper and a sock ends up on the floor, we will catch her playing a solitary game of fetch with the stinky object.  You would never believe that this bounding fool is almost 10 years old!

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