Thursday, December 24, 2015

Gas Masks

To borrow a prayer from one of the sisters:  "Dear Jesus, please help this stink go away quickly.  Amen."

After yesterday's birdseed buffet and the ensuing gastrointestinal mayhem, we apparently didn't learn our lesson.  We woke up this morning to spit-shined floors.  It actually took a little while for us to realize that anything was amiss.  Then we saw it.  Under the dining table was evidence of recent destruction.  Just a couple of shredded plastic baggies and an open plastic container that USED to contain a variety of homemade holiday goodies.  Not a crumb left.

These bastards have no shame.  Even though our house is uninhabitable due to toxic gas, and the yard has numerous piles of soft-serve poo, they were still hungry for dessert.  At least they didn't eat the sugar cookies...yet.

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